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Social Networking Essay

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  • on April 1, 2014
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English assignment – section A

  1. Write a summary of five clues that you are addicted to Facebook (text 2) in about 150 words.

The text discusses the effects of the use of social networking sites, like Facebook, and the implications it can have on your normal social life. In the text we are given an example of an addiction to Facebook. Cynthia Newton is addicted to Facebook and her 12-year-old daughter keeps trying to get into contact with her mother. She needs help with some of her homework, but she can't get contact to her mother, she tries to e-mail her mother just to get her attention, but fails to get any. Following up on this example we are told by therapist, Paula Pile, that Facebook addiction isn't an actual medical diagnosis, but that therapists are seeing more and more people like Cynthia Newton who has “crossed the line from social networking to social dysfunction”. Therapists interviewed for the article do point out though, that it isn't Facebook itself, it is the individual user who is creating the addiction.

  2. Give an outline of the positive and negative sides of social networking presented in the three texts.

Facebook, is like a world where everything is perfect. You don’t have all these annoying things like morning breath in your everyday life to deal with. You only share the good things in life, so everything seems perfect. You can share first-hand information like hobbies, sports, cosmetics etc. to other people, develop friendships and just find employment.
People all over the world access to social networking sites, even though you are from United States you can develop friendships to someone in Denmark. That’s a good thing because, not only will you make new friendships, you might learn about new cultures and new languages.
It’s both positively and negatively. It’s great to log into Facebook and do without all the bad...

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