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Social Media Review: Reddit, Facebook, Hypemachine

  • Submitted by: riclaxalt
  • on April 18, 2015
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How do Teens “Connect?”
Richard M. Laxalt
Sierra Nevada College
How do Teens “Connect?”

Reddit, stylized as reddit, is a social networking website where users can share ideas through comments, blogs, news stories, music, videos and images, as well as many other mediums too numerous to list. The name “reddit” is nothing more than a clever contraction of the phrase “I already read it!” If Facebook is where people go to stay in contact with family and friends, then reddit falls to the other side, being a place where they go exchange ideas with total strangers. Most redditors, a label adopted over time by the community itself to describe its active members, choose to post under pseudonyms. This is one of the first components that set reddit apart from other sites like Facebook and Twitter. By using pseudonyms, redditors claim that the free flow and exchange of ideas are enhanced by reduced inhibitions, a claim that is difficult to dispute, in spite of some of the negative effects anonymity tends to create on the internet.
Once redditors post their material for the world to see, this is where the beauty of the site begins to come into focus. Other registered members are then free to review whatever has been posted by their peers, comment if they choose, and cast a positive vote called an up-vote, or a negative vote called a down-vote. As the postings are voted on, the ones with the most up-votes naturally rise to the top like balloons containing the most helium. If a post is successful enough, and this is the goal of every serious redditor, it will rise, eventually finding its way to reddit’s coveted “front page” after having been democratically fueled to the top by public opinion , and a few other less democratic factors. At this point, the author can gloriously bask in their fifteen minutes of cyber-fame.
Unregistered users are free to browse as they wish, but are not permitted to vote or comment. The majority of reddit’s audience falls into this...

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