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Social Media In Education Essay

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  • on March 22, 2012
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Technology and Social Media in the Classroom

In 1965 Intel co-founder Gordon E. Moore predicted that the number of components in an integrated circuit would double every year "for at least ten years"1. This prophecy has since proven accurate and has been the driving force behind the exponential growth and proliferation of digital technology. Our world has been revolutionized, but what effect however, has this singularity of circuitry had upon education? There is strong controversy regarding how to implement technology and social media in particular into the trappings of academia. Some will argue that the increased proliferation of information holds unrivaled potential in classrooms fostering greater understanding, collaboration, and communication between students and their teachers.   These claims draw sharp skepticism however amid a myriad of concerns including a reduced quality of education, divided attention in the classroom, and the financial costs of implementing new technologies. Further still, new mediums can and have blurred the lines of traditional relationships and has precedented undesired and even criminal conduct. The debate is broad among educators, their students, parents, administrators, legislators, and tax-payers. Should the classroom hold fast against the rising tide of silicon or attempt to master the surf?
To understand the controversy in detail, we must examine its roots. With the exceptions of colleges and universities that researched and developed modern computers, the classroom was largely void of electronic brains until after the birth of “personal computing” in the 1970s. Today, the worldwide e-learning industry is estimated to be worth over $48 billion according to conservative estimates.2 Such growth was significantly bolstered in 1997 when President Clinton assembled a science and technology committee to assess and equip schools with technology. Headed by notable members such as Charles M. Vest, then president of M.I.T, and John A....

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