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Social Media Essay

  • Submitted by: myradel01
  • on August 20, 2015
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Embracing the Power of Social Media
Our society cannot refuse or deny that social media has become a part of our daily lives. Its access and usage have become a portion of our cultural norms. It has become an integral part of our daily routine across a broad spectrum, from different age brackets, gender, religion or political affiliations and socioeconomic status. The use and access of social media has brought a lot of concerns from our society that some argues that the use of such is detrimental to our society.   This is the wrong way of thinking as social media has brought a lot of powerful benefits and positive effects to our culture and society when it is utilized properly and responsibly.
Social media are network that forms relationships and link us together.   A social networks is part of our social structure that defines us in some way.   Each and every one of us belong to a giant social network but we also belong to a smaller closer network.   These smaller personal network are defined by our preference and interest.   These include our hobbies and interest, place of employment, social class, age group and so forth.
Although it seem that social media is a new trend, its use and access has been around for centuries dating way back before the 1900’s.   The intricacy of technology then is incomparable to what is currently available but it has provided the lead needed for the advancement of communication.   A simple form of this is the invention of sending short messages through the use of Telegraph in 1972. The discoveries of two currently used mediums of telephone and radios were also significant as it gave a new experience to a better, faster and across a distance form of communication far from what we had accomplished in the past.   This became more apparent in the 20th century when supercomputers were invented.   Technology with social media have changed rapidly and it became more commonly found in households and became more sophisticated.   Social media...

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