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Social Issues Essay

  • Submitted by: markA387
  • on April 18, 2015
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In recent years the government has become intrusive in the way of parenting.   Making decisions on when and where your child gets exposed to sex education, religion and vaccines such as the HPV vaccine, along with how you should discipline as well.   Although the government has good intentions in educating and protecting children, it is still the right and ultimately responsibility of the parent to make such decisions.   According to Peg Tittle the author of the book: Should Parents Be Licensed? Debating the Issues and the news article: We license plumbers and pilots—why not parents? Suggest talk of having parents be licensed to be parents.
Not only is having children a god given right, but it is also part of our human rights, which include the right to life and liberty.   Who could truly say with the proper amount of training any person would make a perfect parent.   Many things come into play like the personality and the maturity level of the parent as well as the character and attitude of child once in the developmental stages.  
I am a firm believer that money changes a lot of things but I don’t believe that money can make a bad or unfit parent change into a perfect parent.   Yes, I do believe that money can change certain Situation, like material things that are certainly needed. However, money doesn’t help with the social skills needed to deal with real world situations. The government already has its hands in deciding who can be a parent.   Look at adoption, they will not allow you to adopt unless you are financially stable.   What’s next, determining who is genetically suitable to be a parent?  
Tittle believes through vaccinations it would control when conception would occur.   Abstinence is truly the only way to avoid natural parenthood, which Tittle is vividly pointing out however, she also sounds as though the word “accident” should be stricken from the dictionary.   For the most part, I don’t believe there are a high percentage of accidents when it comes to...

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