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Social Chalenges Essay

  • Submitted by: mistyclark361975
  • on March 23, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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There are many social issues a student faces outside of the classroom.   They face the changing of family structures, they experiences pressures of growing up too quickly, and the feeling they need to be accepted by the society of today.   The child who faces the challenges of family structures is the one who lives in a single parent household.   They either live with their mother or even with their father and they work all the time and don’t’ have the time to be there for their child because they are trying to provide for them.   This will cause some of the children to have challenges at school and outside of school because they don’t have anyone there when they get home to help them with their school work.   Teenagers are normally the one who experiences the pressure of growing up too quickly because they face the peer pressure of other teenagers.   Some of them start experiencing their sexuality too quick.   This causes some of them become parents, and they have to take on adult responsible much sooner.   There are some teenagers who feel they have to accept by today’s society just to live.   They use drugs, drink and some even become alcoholic’s before they are even in their twenty’s.   Society today puts pressure on teenagers to be accepted like how they look.   The role I think that schools should play is when the kids start to school to show them is that they can do anything they want to do.   I know there are some schools that have after school program to help children who struggle with these problems.   I think this is a good idea for children who live in a single parent household, and they can help where they don’t get help at home.   Another role I think is a good idea is to have a mentor to help the children who are   struggle with these problems is to be there when they need somebody to talk to or even just to listen to their problems.   This is the greatest thing to a teenagers knowing they can come to someone besides their parents because they don’t how to talk...

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