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Slilent Spring Impact Essay

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Below is an essay on "Slilent Spring Impact" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

The most important point showed in this book is how the earth and its many aspects(earth, water, and creatures) are being harmed by the chemical poisons that humans create thinking that its the only way to get rid of pest even thought the earth, on its own can control   its insect populations as it has been doing in the past without the intervention of humans. The reason Miss Carson's wrote Silent Spring was to inform the public of the dangers that come with the use of   pesticides and she also trays to points out how these chemicals can harm the environment long term and short term because how they effect humans,as well as the environment are still unknown.
  The plot of the book starts when she describes a community, in where nature , and humans, work together. The people were able to listen to the harmonize of nature created by the singing birds and everything seemed peaceful and calm, but then suddenly chemical poisons were introduced and the beautiful sounds of nature its self stopped as if it was dying. There were no more singing birds. She ends like this to show the consequences of using chemical poisons without any regard to nature its self and how in the start, nature and men were one, but now humans are poisoning what once they had enjoyed so much. After this she starts to show her   true goal of informing the reader of   the dangers of chemical poisoning and how it truthfully affect the world . In the next chapter she describes the different types of chemical poisoning and she shows how strongly she fells about the ones used as insecticides. She explains the affect these type of poisoning has on animals an how the are even more dangerous because they deposit themselves into the   fatty tissues   were they are magnified. She tells us how the poison are passes all throughout the food chain and also effect humans,the craters of the same poison. This poisoning causes many diseases and in some cases even leads to death.
  In chapter 4, she starts analyzing...

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