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Skype Tips Essay

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  • on April 17, 2015
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News in Levels /SKYPE – USEFUL TIPS for you
How to find a partner for talking It is easy. Go to the NewsinLevels.com section “SKYPE”.

How to talk 1. Tell your partner that you have a question. Question examples are below. Ask your question and speak about the topic in the question. 2. You should have your conversation for 15 minutes or more. You can use more questions in one Skype call.

What to talk about - QUESTIONS Here are 77 questions for your conversation: Are you a family person? Do you like travelling? What is News in Levels.com about? How would you describe yourself in three words? What are important numbers in your life? Would you like to be an actor? What is Africa famous for? What is beauty? What kinds of books do you like? What is the most beautiful country in the world? What country would you love to live in? How often do you dance? What does driving mean to you? Do you worry about diseases? Do you think that divorce is a sin? What do you know about illegal drugs? What do you do in your life to care for the Earth? Do you think that it is possible to save the Earth? How important do you think education is? How important is email to you? Why are you studying English? What are the best things about Facebook? How important is your family to you? Do you have the ideal family? What is your biggest fear? Do you like flying? How often do you think about food? Why do you think that football is the world’s most popular sport? Are you happy that you are the gender that you are? Do you believe in God? How often do you use Google? Is crime a problem where you live? What do you know about Walt Disney? What makes a friend a best friend? Do you ever worry about losing your friends? How similar are you to your friends?

Is Britain great? How is your health? Could you live without the Internet? What makes a joke funny? What is the funniest joke that you know? What is the best way to increase your knowledge? What do you think about your language? How is our...

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