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Six Sigma And Bpi Essay

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Six Sigma is a quality-management philosophy concentrating on identifying, quantifying,
and driving out errors in business processes and in the design of new products,
through leadership, customer-centric goals, teamwork, customer-focused
metrics, and control of costs.
In the case of processes improvement, relevant interventions include the plan, do, check, act (PDCA) cycle or Shewart cycle.The response to this need in Six Sigma is called define, measure, analyze, improve and control (DMAIC). Following this process, a Six Sigma team starts with the declaration of a problem and finalizes with the implementation of a solution.

Six Sigma is truly different from the average BPM technology because it is a methodology and a program of mentorship that begins with top management and funnels down to the people who really make things happen in an organization. With the full support of upper management, business managers are able to support their own teams of managers to learn and implement the Six Sigma technology.
A Case Study
An example of a Six Sigma Project is the process of receiving orders and shipping
custom computers. Whenever customers are involved in a process there will be some variation and in all processes there will be defects. In the case of a customized computer company there is a process for receiving orders from the customer including specifications, shipping address, and billing information, etc. Over time there will be customer complaints which are a manifestation of defects and variation. A Six Sigma project will define the process and what is happening. Black Belts will identify and categorize the defects and use tools such as the fishbone diagram or failure mode analysis to trace these defects back to the root cause. The Six Sigma team will then work to eliminate the cause/s. In the computer company case the cause of many of the defects could be untrained customer service personnel who do not...

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