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Sir Walter Raughly Essay

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  • on March 22, 2012
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Sir Walter Raleigh was an explorer, a politician, a soldier, a sailor, and a poet. He was born at Hayes, Devonshire in 1552. The year of his birth is somewhat in question. Some believe he was born in 1552. He entered Oriel College, Oxford in 1568, but the next year he left to join the Huguenot Army in France. Sir Raleigh gained the recognition of Queen Elizabeth I after his heroic effort in the suppression of the Irish rebellion in Cork. The story was that he won the queens favor by throwing his expensive cloak on a puddle of mud and allowing the queen to walk on it so that she did not get her shoes wet. Sir Raleigh was said to be a handsome and witty man, with country manners and imposing personality. He was a proud man. Queen Elizabeth granted him many favors during her reign. He always fulfilled his responsibilities on an excellent manner. His greatest claim to fame was his efforts to colonize the new world. His position at court gave him an opportunity to push this great project, but the Queen would not permit him to lead any colonizing expeditions in person. To Sir Walter Raleigh the vision of a new “new” England beyond the sea had an irresistible appeal. Sir Walter Raleigh was tireless in his effort to settle English people in America. Sir Walter Raleigh was tireless in his effort to settle English People in America. He sent out one expedition after another. The area explored by his expedition in 1584 was given the name Virginia in honor of the “virgin queen” as Queen Elizabeth called. Three settlements were made on the island off North Carolina, but none survived. Sir Raleigh’s work did pave the way for later settlements. His crew brought back tobacco and potatoes from the new world. He popularized smoking and created a demand for the tobacco leaf. This became a profitable crop in the colonies. Th was in Ireland when he introduced the Potato in 1592. Sir Walter Raleigh encountered the queens’ anger when she discovered he had secretly married the queens maid...

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