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Sir Robert Peel Essay

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  • on March 22, 2012
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Sir Robert Peel- The impact on American Policing and History
Sir Robert Peel created the Metropolitan Police in 1829 as he served as Home Secretary of England. Peel had many keys in policing and believed that prevention of criminal activities could be accomplished. His establishments nine principle of policing are still relevant today. Peel’s concept of prevention was community policing that has been implemented by other law enforcements across the country and was based on goals to prevent crime and obtain better community partnership. Community policing required special training in mediation and conflict, problem-solving and analysis, community organization, facilitation, communication, network, and linkages, and cross-cultural competency.
In early days the crimes committed were done much different than today. Sir Robert Peel was very influential in modern policing by helping to create the modern concept of the police force today.   The Metropolitan Police Act of 1829 provided uniforms, organized, paid, and policing similar to those today. Modern American policing follows the English model in Boston and New York.
The first principle of Sir Robert Peel’s prevention was to prevent crime and disorders in the community. He established the “Bobbies” as the police named after him in London and beats were formed as a form of patrolling the streets, communicating, getting to know the citizens of the community, walking beats, and establishing public safety and trust.
The cooperation and public approval were the basis of Sir Robert Peel’s principles of policing. He believes the abilities of policing depend on the public’s approval and secure willing cooperation of the public to secure and maintain respect. Understanding of multicultural communities is important to identify and communicate with the differences in cultures, education, and training,
Policing can gain the public’s approval by understanding the community to increase the effectiveness of law enforcement....

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