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Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Adaptation Essay

  • Submitted by: osalemo
  • on August 19, 2015
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There were tales that spread around the school. Tales of Sofia’s hate towards Jessica, tales that Sofia cheated on the Chemistry final exam. But these were just tales, or were they? Student Council elections were about to open, and with Sofia running for a third term, almost everyone knew she would win. Everyone except for Jessica. Jessica was the popular girl who made fun of kids in the corner. Jessica went up to Sofia one day and said, “You’re not going to win this year, I hope you know that. I can make everyone here do whatever I want them to do. If I don’t want them to vote for you, then they won’t.” Sofia was at a loss of words. She didn’t know what to say or how to respond, or if she should even respond. Sofia made a dumb decision and decided to yell back at Jessica and said “OH YEAH? BET! I’ve won this election twice in a row, what makes you think I can’t win again? Nothing you say can change these people’s minds. Give it your best shot.” Sofia, immediately regretting her decision turned around and ran off. Once it came time for votes to be cast, Sofia was nervous. She wasn’t sure if Jessica had managed to turn everyone against her. After everyone had cast their vote, the lists were posted on the school website. Sofia won the elections yet again. Jessica was furious and couldn’t believe what happened. She was sure that she would win. Jessica went up to Sofia that day in the school courtyard and promised Sofia that next year’s results would not be the same. Sofia, who had nothing to be afraid of, told Jessica that they would be the same. Jessica took this as a challenge, and when one year passed, Jessica was determined to win the elections. Senior year was the most class president elections. Sofia didn’t believe that she would lose, but when Sofia overheard one of the teachers talking about the elections, she realized that Jessica was winning. One day, Sofia received a phone call from a blocked number. She answered the phone and listened to the person on the...

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