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Sin Hell Essay

  • Submitted by: HongUn
  • on March 24, 2012
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1)   Sin

*   Sin is a theological/religious concept.   From a biblical perspective, sin
is unfaithfulness to the covenant; sin is that which opposes God and
God’s will for creation.   Sin both enslaves humanity and corrupts the
created order.   Sin is universal among human beings, individual,
and collective.    

*   There is no single Hebrew word for “sin”; rather a variety of Hebrew
words are used in a variety of ways to describe the theological
concept of sin--words such as “iniquity,”   “revolt,” “transgression,”

*   The various words used in the Bible for “sin” mean a variety of things,
among them:
    to miss the mark (as in failing to attain a goal)
    rebellion (against parents, against political superior)
    breach of an agreement
    failure to fulfill one’s obligations to a superior person
    failure to do one¹s duty as a host
    deviation or distortion
    guilt and liability
    dissolution of a community
    a lie, deceitfulness

*   Root of sin according to the Hebrew Scriptures:   lack of knowledge of
God, with lack of knowledge meaning refusal to know God, refusal
to accept the reality of God.   In the bible, sin arises from an evil heart, it is a deliberate and willful act for which human   beings bear responsibility. (There is no conception of compulsion, neurosis, or social failure which excuses sin.)

*   Origin of sin in human history according to Hebrew Scriptures is found in
the story of Adam and Eve in Genesis 3, in which sin is attributed
to the free will and choice of human beings who have the power to
resist temptation but choose otherwise.   The sin of Adam and Eve
involves wanting something which is not theirs.   The result of sin is
breaking the relationship between humans and God.   The sin of Adam
and Eve--and all sin-- leads to a curse upon humanity,...

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