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Sickle Cell Essay

  • Submitted by: nkoene
  • on April 14, 2015
  • Category: Social Issues
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The process of researching on sickle cell disease was very worthy to me. This particular major health problem has always been my area of interest when it comes to global health problem that are affecting the majority of people in today’s society. From the process of doing the research on sickle cell, I acquired much educative, yet surprising information. The most beneficial part was learning about the available treatment and the techniques that one can practice to avoid severe episodes of pain. To me, it was very comforting to learn that that although there isn’t a permanent treatment for the disease, researchers have found slightly significant evidence that blood and marrow stem cell transplants may offer a cure for a small number of people with sickle cell anemia. Also knowing that researchers are continuing on their research others relatives who are also suffering. One fact that was surprising to me about the disease was learning that people with sickle cell disease can get malaria just like anyone else. However, people with sickle cell trait are less likely to get malaria. The trait doesn't completely protect a person from infection, but it makes death from malaria less likely.
The most frustrating part of doing this research was finding sources that directly give information based on the question that I had to answer for the previous papers (background information). The questions that have to be answered demanded more time than I expected due to the fact that most article and organization only provided the general information on the disease. Therefore, I had to search from the school databases, Washington post, the new your times, and to find sources that are specific and related to these questions. Also, the citation part of the paper really frustrated me. The reason was because I am used to MLA citation format, whereas this this class require APA format. It took me awhile figuring out how to cite and still, I end up with mistakes on the paper.
Some of the...

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