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Shouldice Hospital Case Essay

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In our course we use the Shouldice Hospital case to illustrate the “Startegic
Service Vision” framework proposed by Heskett, Sasser and Hart (Service
Breakthroughs) Chapters 1 and 2. This note summarizes the application of the
above framework to the “Shouldice Hospital” case.
As we discussed in class, this framework starts with a description of a Target
Market, a Service Concept, and a Service Strategy. In this note I will first
summarize Shouldice’s view of these basic elements, and then I will elaborate on
the integrative elements that make this a coherent strategy.
Target Market Service Concept Service Strategy
• Male Patients
• Good Physical
• Simple Hernias
• Interested in
limiting discomfort
• Medical service
• Peace of mind
• Low recurrence
• Rapid recovery
• Enjoyable stay
• Patient screening
• Self-service
• Limited use of
• Run clinic as a
“focused factory”
• Promote social
• Doctors:
Tolerance for
narrow job, like
easy schedule
• Nurses: people
• Staff: flexible
• Stable work
• Amenable work
• Make Shouldice a
At this point we switch our attention to analyzing why Shouldice Hospital is so
effective in delivering their service concept to their target market. The first
element to consider is the Positioning. The positioning of the service consists of
designing a service concept that will fulfill the needs of their selected target
segments better than their competitors’ services. The second element to
consider is how the selected strategy “leverages value over cost”; by this we
mean that the service strategy is conceived so as to generate value for
customers is a cost effective way.
Service Positioning.
To evaluate how Shouldice’s service meets the needs of their target market
segments better than the competition, we need to understand how is Shouldice’s
service different from the competition and...

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