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Short Film ' Little Things' Study Essay

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  • on April 1, 2014
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New Zealand Director Reina Webster directs the heart warming short film ‘Little Things’. The story focuses on a young and troubled teenage girl named George Apirana. In the matter of 12 minutes, Reina Webster is able to show us many things about George and her life, through dialogue, sound effects, costume, song lyrics and the setting.

One thing that makes this film so great is the characters. ‘Norissa Taia’ plays George Apirana. She is great at portraying this character, through dialogue, expressions and body language. With George’s costume, I notice she wears a pair of earphones throughout the whole film and for a very important reason as well. I wear earphones to listen to music, basically. But I really wear them because it helps my day go by better, music can be so incredibly powerful in conveying and spreading emotion to its audience. It's such a pleasure to have a good song play and let your mind wander to relate your music to things, or even to just let it consume you. With George’s life, seems quite lonely and unhappy. She listens to music to drown out reality, distract herself from negative thoughts and escape her bitter life.
‘Romain Waerea’ plays Tama, George’s six-year-old neighbour. This film doesn’t have very much dialogue, so it’s up to the actor to show as much expression and body language to show the viewer who they are what is going on without any words. Tama is a great example; through his actions I immediately knew he is a self-sufficient little boy. At the start, Tama is seen looking at a advertisement of a tetherball pole and is motivated to create one by himself with a tennis ball, a knife and a piece of string; this presents him as a boy who can stand on his own.

When George arrives home to her apartment block on her fourteenth birthday looking forward to having a dinner date with her mother, she ends up getting rejected in favour of her mother’s new male companion. This informs me that George’s mum is neglectful; she places her...

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