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Shift to Next Generation Customer Essay

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First in a multi-part series

Making the Shift to the Next-Generation Enterprise
By assessing their current capabilities and understanding their near- and long-term corporate objectives, businesses can map a journey of reinvention that will enable them to harness the continual disruptions of the new era of work. Here’s the first installment in a multi-part series that explores the operating model, process and organizational shifts organizations must make to future-proof their businesses.


Executive Summary
Business leaders are accustomed to “change as a constant.” But even the most savvy and experienced among them have never faced the slew of disruptive changes that are commonplace in today’s new business order. Operating models, information technology, the global economy, demographics, social behavior, even the planet, are all undergoing volatile, game-changing and inter-related shifts. Amid this radical reshaping of the business landscape, serious competition is emerging from all corners of the world. Increasingly, these rivals are using new-fangled business models that take full advantage of digital and mobile delivery, agile and asset-light infrastructures, social media-influenced strategies and virtual workforces. Suddenly, traditional ways of doing business are feeling like cumbersome — and costly — baggage. Both technology and business leaders stand at an inflection point demanding warp-speed levels of change. Proof is plentiful that failing to adopt new ways of working will result in falling behind, in alarmingly accelerated ways — Netflix, Groupon, Skype, Zappos and Pandora are just a few companies that have forced change on their markets, or created new models, in recent years. There is simply no time for long governance and review processes; market opportunities and competitive advantage can disappear in a blink. Clearly, success lies in harnessing the disruptive megatrends that are reshaping the business world, including...

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