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Shakepear Essay

  • Submitted by: womderful345
  • on April 2, 2014
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[->0]Respiratory system
Air passage in nose- The function is to take out large particles to stop unsual objects from accessing the respiratory system, it also drains air that goes in the nose.
Trachea- the main function of this is to allow inhaled air to travel in and out of the lungs to and from the atmosphere. It also plays a role that ensures that the food eaten is swallowed and travels right down the stomach. The trachea tube connects from the throat to the bronchi.
Bronchi- the main function of this is to allow air to pass through it. It’s also makes sure that air gets through to the trachea all the way to the alveolar. The bronchi are two structures on each side that lead to the lungs and branch off into the broncoe.
Lungs bronchial tree- the structure has bronchial tubes that are the largest part of the structure. A bronchial tube connected to each lung. The connection occurs in the top bit of the lung known as the ‘helium’. The role of this is to help pass the oxygen in and the carbon dioxide out.
Alveoli- the main function of this is the gaseous exchange. The structure is bordered by capillaries carrying out blood and it is through the walls of the alveolus that exchange carbon dioxide in the blood from the capillaries that occurs.
Ciliated epithelial tissue- This is found in the lining of   the resperatory tract, it is also a cell of tissue that line in and out of the body.
Respiratory muscles-This is a process of ventilation, muscles that move the lung and chest wall for inspiration and forced expiration.
Intercostal muscles- the funtion of this is to help move and form the chest wall. This helps you breath as the intercostal muscles either shrink or expand. They are also found in the ribs.
Diaphragm- diaphragm is the muscle underneath your lungs and the functions of it are that it helps you inhale and exhale by pushing air in and out of your lungs.
Ventilation- the role thats performed is the movements of the diaghram, ribs and rib mucsles...

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