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Sfas Essay

  • Submitted by: JonesMaurice1
  • on August 21, 2015
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Strategic Factors | Weight | Rating | Weighted Score | DurationSht   Int   Long |
Financial   position | .20 | 5.0 | 1.0 |                         x |
Experienced top management | .10 | 5.0 | 0.5 |                         x |
Dependence on department stores | .10 | 4.0 | 0.4 |                         x |
Revenue from Asian markets | .10 | 2.0 | 0.2 |               x |
Geographical Coverage | .10 | 3.5 | .35 |               x |
E-CommerceCompetitionGlobal economics | .20.10.10 | | |                         x                         xx |
| 1.0 | | 4.1 | |
Strategic Factor Analysis Summary (SFAS) Matrix

In the table above, I included the most important internal and external factors that will affect the Ralph Lauren Corporation along with their corresponding weights, ratings and weighted scores and durations. The data shows that the company’s strengths are more than likely to keep the competitive and profitable in the future. The Ralph Lauren Corporation is among the best in financial positioning with a low debt to equity ratio. This company earns approximately 48% of its revenue from wholesaling to department stores, which translates to a huge dependency. The data shows the potential the company has to grow especially in emerging Asian markets particularly the Chinese market. The e-commerce branch of the company is being heavily invested in and continues to show positive growth. This works hand in hand with helping to increase the company’s geographical footprint. The company is slowly becoming less dependent on department stores by increasing the number of brick and mortar stores that sell company products exclusively. The Ralph Lauren Corporation has been very disciplined when dealing with declining global economics, which is reinforced by the company’s low debt to equity ratio.

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