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Sex Trade Essay

  • Submitted by: brandon2203
  • on March 31, 2014
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2. I think an employer should have the right to to choose employees without government interference. I do not agree with government rules and regulation that tells an employer that they should hire anyone but the most qualified candidate. I don not believe being hired based on age, sex, religion, or orientation is fair or justifiable in any way. The best and most qualified individual should get the job, not a statistical figure. 4. I think that any employer has every right to know who they are hiring. I completely agree with a thorough investigation of future employees. Employees are just as much of a liability as they are an asset. Facebook, blogs, Twitter, Myspace, Tumbler, Path.. and so on are great for forms of expression and opinion stating, however can cause problems in the work place with there public forum. I think you get a much deeper look at a person when you read the way they feel and how they express themselves in a more articulate manner like social media. Through these public forums you get a better understanding of a person and how they function in society and working environments. I think investigating a person via social media is a great idea and use it to an employing advantage. 6.For most employers, the application form is the first step in the selection process. Application forms provide a record of salient information about applicants for positions, and also furnish data for personnel research. Interviewers may use responses from the application for follow-up questions during an interview.These forms range from requests for basic information, such as names, addresses, and telephone numbers, to comprehensive personal history profiles detailing applicants' education, job experience skills, and accomplishments.According to the Uniform Selection Guidelines of the EEOC, which establish standards that employers must meet to prevent disparate or unequal treatment, any employment requirement is a test, even a job application. As a result, EEOC...

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