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Sex Education Essay

  • Submitted by: Hamiltonericam
  • on April 16, 2015
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Sex education should be allowed in school. It can prevent teenagers from getting pregnant. With sex education it tells some teenagers that it’s not a bad thing. They will be doing it safely rather than them just doing it and not knowing the risks of having sex. Sex education gives out a lot of vital information which could help some teenagers practice abstinence. If parents would take the time to talk to their children, it could help out a lot. Sex education is used to educate pre-teens, teenagers, and young adults about human sexual anatomy, sexual reproduction, and sexual intercourse. Young people are going to learn about sex sooner or later, the truth is which way do you want your child to learn about sex: from a friend, the internet, or the media. It would be better if your child learned about sex from an educated responsible adult.     A lot of people say that having sex education is school is only encouraging young people to engage in sexual intercourse. Sex education isn’t encouraging them to have sex, it’s telling them about sexual transmitted diseases, and teenage pregnancy. Young people are educated about sex and that it is only for unity and procreation of married couples which are committed to one another and the true purpose of sex when they grow up into adults.
Sex education should be taught in schools because it considers health rather than beliefs. Teenagers cannot be stopped from becoming sexually active, we should implement sex education is a must. With sex education, young people will be able to understand and learn the truth about sex and be able to refrain themselves from having sex early to protect themselves.

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