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Seminar Paper

  • Submitted by: proudcollegemom1
  • on April 15, 2015
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JacQueline Muellerleile
Kaelie Farrah
ENGL 1201-34
Seminar 1
Final Draft
Definition of Learning as well as Goals for College Writing
Knowing the definition and understanding the concept of the term are different. The
interplay of existing concepts and new information generates the meaning of knowledge learned.
Without the two there can be no meaning to the information given. Learning is achieved by
relevant information and interpreting existent knowledge. “They believe that learning outcomes
can be evaluated by measuring the amount of knowledge acquired.” Successful Learning:
Knowing is Not the Same as Understanding: What is Understanding?
Students, ourselves should be looked at as constructors, by processing and structuring the
knowledge we have obtained. Selection, organization, and integration are musts for a student to
be able to process and structure prior knowledge. There must be personal commitment to
learning in order to relate t content with personal meaning as well as existing knowledge. A
students motive to earn should be based on curiosity.
College students   gain cognitive skills when they use these three elements:
Ø Discussions among other students

Ø Emphasis toward problem solving, procedures with a variety of examples

Ø Verbalization of said methods, for the development toward meta-cognitive skills. It then

takes two or more students in a cooperative context, interacting to bring creativity to

divergent ways causing new ideas and conceptual framework, solutions, as well as

procedures generated from working together.          
Students should physically, emotionally, and psychologically, engaging cognitively and
cooperatively to construct ones knowledge. This helps with impersonal character and changing
passive behaviors.
Students who have no theoretical basis/prior concepts, do not get involved in setting up
their own ‘action plan’, not reflecting on one’s own past experiences, or haven’t...

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