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Screenplay Essay

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  • on April 3, 2014
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By: Shivi Mudgal   Core 5 | Never for Granted |

By: Shivi Mudgal   Core 5 | Never for Granted |

Never for granted   Shivi Mudgal Core 5
VO: MA What’s going on??!! No questions just get in the car!!
Manoj: 41 years old, 6’2 tall, well built, black hair and brown eyes. Brother to BHARAT
Karina: 40 years old, petite, brown almond shaped eyes and black eyes, tan skinned. Has a tattoo on her left upper arm.   Sister in law to BHARAT
Bharat: 52 years old, slim, black hair and small brown eyes, fought for his life while suffering a heart attack.
Tenaha: 51years old, corpulent, thin curly brown hair, wife of BHARAT
Cousins , (Gaura and Arjun)   14 and 11,   9th and 7th worried for their father.
Veena:   Slim, brown hair and light brown eyes, freckled, very emotional towards her brothers and parents. Sister to BHARAT
Ranay: 9 yrs old, clueless to what is going on, tall black hair and brown eyes                                                                                             Shivi: 13 years old, 8th grade, tall brown eyes and hair. Journal writer.
Supporting Characters
Coach Vince
Nurse 1 and 2

FADE IN: exterior Park, onto a soccer field, freshly cut grass and 2 goal posts.
CLOSE UP: onto the scratches on the goal posts, many hits.

MOM : Donna could you help me set up the tents for the boys?
CLOSE UP: Onto 11 young boys getting a pep talk from their coach
CLOSE UP: On all the players parents, ready to watch the game, some still setting up their chairs.
The game is about to reach half time and the score is 2-4 BBURG BULLETS leading.
CLOSE UP: on MANOJ and KARUNA on the side lines.
MANOJ: KARUNA I keep getting calls from VEENA but it’s not going through?
KARUNA: Oh? Maybe you should try calling her instead.
MANOJ: Yeah okay. Its half time you should go give RANAY his Gatorade.
KARUNA: Oh right.
FADE IN: the boys are taking a half time water break....

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