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School Bullying Essay

  • Submitted by: sonjamf
  • on April 3, 2014
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School Bullying Final Draft
When I started this essay, I wanted to understand what New Mexico State laws were on bullying in school, because of the things that were going on with my step son. He is 6 and getting into trouble with other students, teachers and staff. By doing this I found out that not only is he a victim but he is turning it around and becoming a bully to other kids. I have had parent teacher conferences with his teachers and principals prior to this; we do not want it to get worse. I did not know about the laws in New Mexico State until reading the laws recently. New Mexico State laws must first define then clarify its definition of bullying, and after this has happened prevention will be more attainable.
When I first looked into these laws on 5 March, 2013, they were outdated in 2006, and not updated until 2012, the updates still had not reached school districts in Las Cruces. I was told if I wanted any updated information I had to go online and find them or wait until the school received the printed information. What I wanted to make clear to my step son: was the reason why he was in trouble, the cause of the problem, the effects he has deal with, and the outcome from the school for punishment. I also wanted him to understand the facts about prevention for bullying and need for him to understand the rules against bullying other students. I also want him to understand it was not right for what he was doing but that it was also not right with what he did to the other student. As parents when we read the pamphlets that come home on the first day of school we just glance over it and not fully read the information. The Website is laid out in legal formatting so it may make it harder for people to understand. There is no clarity to the information and it is hard to decipher.
Clear definitions of which laws the bully violated in the torment could have serious implication for these bullies. When you read or hear about bullying in the media they do...

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