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School Essay

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  • on April 14, 2015
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Chapters 1-2
  1. Two things they first build are prison and cemetery.
  2. The prison is dark, gloomy, old and weather-stained.
  3. At the door’s entrance wild rose bush.
  4. The women suggested that she should be killed or branded on her forehead.
  5. The baby turned its head and blinked because it has been living in the dungeon.
  6. The women were jealous because they thought it was disrespectful because she beautified the punishment.
  7. Hester was taken to the scalpel at the market with pillory on it.  
Chapters 3-4
  1. He was dressed in a strange mixture of English and Indian garments.
  2. “to finally find yourself somewhere that wickedness is rooted out and punished, as it is here in our godly New England.”
  3. They made a special allowance because she had a baby.
  4. Mr. Dimmesdale is young clergyman from an English university.
  5. Roger Chillingworth revealed himself to be Hester’s husband.
  6. Chillingworth’s comments about his wedding were that “he” sent Hester to America first and remained behind to settle his affairs, but he never joined Hester in Boston.
  7. Because he came in as a doctor to treat the baby.
  8. He makes her promise that she will not reveal to anyone his own identity either.
Chapters 5-6
  1. She has nowhere else to go and she believes that running would only convince the people further of her guilt, which she does not believe.
  2. Her letter is much decorated.
  3. Hester earns her money by doing stitch work for local dignitaries.
  4. The people she helped use to say derogatory sayings to her.
  5. Pearl is the treasure for which Hester gave all she had.
  6. She couldn’t do much for discipline. Nothing she said or did had any effect on Pearl’s behavior.
  7. Neighbors thought Pearl’s father was a demon.
Chapters 7-8
  1. Hester visited Governor Bellingham to give him the gloves and find out if pearl is being taken from her.
  2. Pearl is described as a...

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