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Saviour Essay

  • Submitted by: mickaylee68
  • on April 2, 2014
  • Category: Social Issues
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One autumn evening I was walking through the park in my hometown of Kingsville and heard a very strange sound. At first I thought it was a puppy crying for its mother then I thought it might be a little lost child. I looked behind all the trees and could not see anything. The noise continued and it had me baffled. I was determined to find the source of it. I walked all around the playground equipment. I walked up the hill and down the hill. I walked across the big stone bridge. I walked along the beach. The strange whimpering sound continued but I could not figure it out. Suddenly, I looked out across the lake and noticed a tiny figure at the end of the rock wall. I was terrified that the person might jump into the water and I knew from experience that the undertow there was very strong.
I was not a strong swimmer. Let's face it I could barely dog paddle to keep myself afloat so how was I supposed to save someone who decided to jump into the lake? I thought of my options. I could call the police and the fire department on my cell phone and hope and pray that they got there in time or I could go to the end of the rock wall and try to talk some sense into them myself. I was about to punch in 911 when I heard the whimper turn into a great sobbing. I realized then that I needed to get to this person as soon as possible. I hit 911, quickly explained where I was and what was happening and then I ran for the rock wall.
Well, anyone that knows me, knows when I say "ran" actually means limped quickly due to my severe rheumatoid arthritis. I had no idea what I would do when I got there or what I would say to this person that I didn't even know. I just knew I had to get there fast and save them somehow!
The rocks were much bigger up close and I am not exactly the rock-climber type of person but I knew I just had to do it! I climbed across the first few big rocks, trying to be as quiet as possible. I didn't want the person to jump in if they saw me coming....

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