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Satera Team Essay

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Mr. Gary Pinto has been employed ISI for 15 years and was selected to be the team leader of the project. He holds a masters degree and according to his bio in the paper he has expertise in both mechanical and electrical engineering. He was selected by management because they felt he can effectively manage groups based in his previous assignments as a team leader. However, he is not a good leader in Satera Team because he has weak leadership skills.
Pinto put two managers having different type personality work in a same team and created conflict inside team members. There are five levels in the leadership pyramid. The first step of steps to level five's leadership is getting the right people, the figure out what needs to be done, but Mr. Pinto did not use it. He got a big mistake when he let two people who are negative in nature worked together. Mr. Lovas is very introverted and seems to lack confidence, while Mr. Bennett appears to be an extremely motivated and capable individual but is considered forceful in his dealings with others. The collaboration for the design of the image system is nonexistent between them, and the conflict between team members was created.
Based on "The Tools of Cooperation and Change" article, when team member in a group disagree on what they want and on how to achieve desired results, leaders should implement “power tools.” The two engineers strongly disagree and cannot come up with a decision to work together, so it’s necessary for the leader to use power tools in order to have an effective team. Mr. Pinto should use the power tools such as fiat, force, coercion, and threats to make the project done on time. When Satera Team can't agree what it wants or what to do, power tools are the only one to work. However, Mr. Pinto’s management style appears to be democratic bordering on laissez-faire in that he welcomes input and encourages openness by all of the members of the team in letting the project get done. Based on the case provided,...

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