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Sandhill Crane Essay

  • Submitted by: lisa0728
  • on April 1, 2014
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For many people, driving past a field and seeing it full of Sandhill cranes has become a common occurrence. Four years Sandhill cranes were in danger, but over the years the population has made a very successful comeback. With the increasing population of the Sandhill Crane, Wisconsin should start to plan a Sandhill crane hunting season.
In the spring of 2012 Republican state representative, Joel Kleefisch, introduced a bill to allow a Sandhill crane hunting season in Wisconsin. It has almost been 100 years since the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918 was enacted and almost 40 years since the International Crane Foundation began   to save the population from extinction. The Sandhill population is now over 72,000 in Wisconsin. All together there is a reported 600,000 Sandhill cranes nationwide 2
Sandhill cranes are now the most dominant crane worldwide. With the success story of the Sandhill crane, came hunting seasons. 15 states already offer a hunting season to keep the Sandhill crane population sustainable.1 There has been quite a controversy on whether to open a hunting season in Wisconsin. Caught in the middle of this fight is the International Crane Foundation. Located in Baraboo, Wisconsin the International Crane foundation has helped to restore the Sandhill crane population and maintain it. They are now working on the Whooping Crane population. Kate Fitzwilliams is the foundations PR person; when asked about their position about a Sandhill crane hunt Fitzwilliams stated,” I don’t like the word neutral, but we’re neither for nor against it. We’re trying to bring people together and work with both sides.”   The International Crane Foundation may have a “neutral” stance, but there are a few organizations that are opposed to a Sandhill hunting season, the Audubon Society, one of them. A   major concern for the Audubon Society is that hunters will mistake whooping cranes for the Sandhill crane. With the whooping crane on the endangered list it is no surprise that...

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