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Samsung Galaxy S2 (Sii) - 16Gb - Black (3) Smartph Essay

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Below is an essay on "Samsung Galaxy S2 (Sii) - 16Gb - Black (3) Smartph" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.


|TERM                         |DEFINITION                                                                                             |
|Antibody                     |A glycoprotein molecule produced and secreted by plasma cells in response to stimulation by an         |
|                             |immunogen.                                                                                             |
|Antigen                     |A molecule which binds to an antibody.                                                                 |
|Affinity                     |A measure of the binding strength between epitope and antibody binding site.                           |
|Allergy                     |Generally refers to a type 1 hypersensitivity reaction.                                                 |
|Allergen                     |An immunogen/antigen that induces an allergic reaction.                                                 |
|Atopy                       |Genetic predisposition to develop type 1 hypersensitivity reactions                                     |
|Bacteriocidal               |Destructive to bacteria.                                                                               |
|Chemotaxis                   |Movement of cells towards a chemical stimulus                                                           |
|CD molecules                 |Cell surface molecules found on leucocytes that allow different cell populations to be distinguish (CD:|
|                             |Cluster of differentiation).                                                                           |
|Clonal Expansion             |An increase in the number of immunogen-sensitive (specific) B and T cells. This is the basis of         |
|                             |immunological memory.                                                                                   |
|Complement                   |A series of proteins found in...

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