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Same Sex Marriage Essay

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  • on April 2, 2014
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Same Sex Marriage
Take a few minutes and ponder how we came to be who we are now, and through whom we came into this world. I believe I can speak on behalf of the whole world and say that the only way to come into this world is to be born of woman, and the only way to be born of woman, is if a man and a woman come together through sexual intercourse. However, there are still those who have the temptation and desire to pursue the same sex and go as far as to wed themselves to them. This is clearly against all ways of nature, and disrupts the process of procreation of further generations.
Same sex marriage has grown and become a well-known topic in today’s society. It seems that many people see marriage as more of a recreational activity than an ever binding commitment. Though those that have their tendencies and desires to lust after the same sex have their agency and right to do so, it is preposterous to let them into the natural and sacred act of marriage. Many citizens and voters have gone back and forth since the first gay marriage in Massachusetts in 2004. Since then, nine states and the District of Columbia have issued marriage licenses to same-sex couples while 38 states limit marriage to opposite-sex couples. There are some states that give the same-sex couples spousal right in legally established civil unions or domestic partnerships. Same-sex, or gay marriage, has been an ongoing issue for many years and has been receiving more attention as the years go by.
Every person has the ability to choose what he or she yearns for and that is something that no one has the right to take away. Although there are always consequences for our actions, whether they be good or bad. The choice of whom we choose to love and want to be with is also personal and cannot be changed by the opinion of another. However, when it comes to marriage it is more than just a desire towards another individual, says Robert P. George within the article of Gay Marriage written by...

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