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Safeguarding Essay

  • Submitted by: clairyfairy1982
  • on April 18, 2015
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3d Understand how to respond to evidence or concerns that a child or young person has been abused or harmed
1. Describe the possible signs, symptoms, indicators and behaviours that cause concern in the context of safe guarding
What is safe guarding?
Safe guarding is not only about protecting children from abuse, it encompasses, protecting children from maltreatment, preventing the impairment of children’s health development, ensuring that they are growing up in an environment that provide safe effective care, and helping them to have the best chances in life so they can progress to adulthood successfully.
possible signs, symptoms, indicators and behaviours of a child or young person who is being harmed/abused
Physical Abuse
Physical abuse is when an adult inflicts physical injuries on a child or does not prevent them from happening; examples of this are hitting, shaking, or using excessive force on a child. Giving a child or allowing them to ingest alcohol or drugs would also be classed as physical abuse.
The physical signs of physical abuse can include
Sign of abuse What it could look like
Cuts and scratches • large deep scratches,
• fingernail marks,
• incisions from razor blades
Fractures • numerous
• in various stages of healing
Burns and scalds • clear outline splash marks around the burn area
• unusual position i.e. backs of hand, palm, or on buttocks,
• immersion scalds on buttock or sock area, the shape of the object used i.e. iron or cigarette

The side effects of poison

Bruises • in various stages of healing,
• regular patterns of bruising
• in places a child is unlikely to fall on
• with unusual shape such as finger marks
• caused by straps or other objects
Bite marks • an animal bite will look very different to a human bite and a n adult bit is a lot bigger than that of a child

Accidental injuries are likely to be few and scattered, and not really show any pattern and are more likely to be on knees,...

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