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Romeo And Juliet Analysis

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  • on March 24, 2012
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The story of Romeo and Juliet is one of many classic, romantic tragedies. The bond that is formed between these two intimate lovers is one of which can truly survive till death do them part. Baz Lurhman's opinion of Shakespeare’s plays seems to be that of a complimentary one, and quotes that his plays 'touched everyone from the street sweeper to the Queen of England'. Lurhman also says that he thinks Shakespeare is a 'rambunctious, sexy, violent, entertaining storyteller'. This may be why he has adapted some of Shakespeare's techniques and included scenes of passion, romance, comedy and violence into his film. Baz Lurhman also explains how in the making of the film, they used clashing low comedy with high tragedy, to help   the audience embrace the steep emotions of the affliction. Therefore, it engages the audience one more, and encourages them to feel included in the couples situation.

Lurhman incorporated lively, modern imagery accompanied by hip actors and a hard rock soundtrack to appeal more to his hungry audience and remind them that Shakespeare's plays should not be taken as a chore to be studied at school. He shows us that by borrowing aspects from such diverse periods as the 1940's, 1970's and 1990's, he can create an adaptation of the film and reset it in a more modern setting. By replacing horses with fast cars and roaring engines, and swords and daggers for guns, we see the film differently to the play.

Nevertheless, internet reviews show that some people are not happy with the changes inserted to this version of Shakespeare’s play. Some say that by bringing the film forward a couple of years and adding a more modernised approach, it ruins the beauty of Shakespeare’s storyline and confuses the key points, such as Romeo and Juliet's love for each other, the over violent reaction from Romeo when he finds out that Juliet is supposedly dead, and the language being spoken incorrectly.

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