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Romeo And Juliet Essay

  • Submitted by: aligee7
  • on March 24, 2012
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Romeo and Juliet In the beautiful city of Verona, where our story takes place, a long-standing hatred between two families erupts into new violence and citizens stain their hands with the blood of their fellow citizens. Two unlucky children of these enemy families become lovers and commit suicide. Their unfortunate deaths put an end to their parents' feud. Romeo and Juliet. The lovers doomed death. Were an awakening; leaving with few to blame. Romeo and Juliet’s death is far from a lonesome suicide. Many parts take in the doing of the deaths.   The families, the house of Capulets and the house of Montague. There were others that took part in the disturbing end to the lovers.  

Both families took a major part in the deaths of Romeo and Juliet. To show the hatred, you have many lines that well describe the unfriendliness that both house’s part take in. “A dog of that house shall move me to stand. I will take the wall of any man or maid of Montague’s.” quoted by Samson a servant to the house of Capulet. To start the tale of love and misfortune, we will begin with Juliet’s father “Capulet”. Capulet was a well-known man. I hard working and loving man. He wanted best for his family and nothing less. So he had to have the greatest bachelor in Fair Verona for his beautiful daughter. Although he didn’t know she was already married to the son of his enemy. This made thing difficult for Juliet. She could not choose nor had the choice. Her father was straight forward. Nothing could stop his decision. Juliet was misunderstood and was so deeply in love with Romeo that she dared not to think of marrying someone else. The family feud was the dominant responsibility towards the lover’s deaths. To try to see each other with it being secret and being married to keeping it from close friends and family members, is hard to imagine. The families lived and breathe their own way of life ignoring and destroying the path of the opposite. Romeo and Juliet didn’t carry out the behaviour of...

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