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Romeo And Juliet Essay

  • Submitted by: amanda2323
  • on March 22, 2012
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Below is an essay on "Romeo And Juliet" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Romeo and Juliet is a romantic tragedy that takes place in Verona, Italy.
Unfortunately Romeo and Juliet are victims of a bitter feud between both
of their families, which meant that in Italian families’ feuds carry on between
all of the family members.

    Romeo, the son of Montague, is a young handsome man, he is a fighter,
he is a poet and he is romantic and in the long run he becomes a
peacemaker. He also was depressed.
Romeo was in love or so he thought with Rosaline.   He suffered
In silence, wept and kept to himself.
He experienced the same kind of depression when he was banned

        When Rosaline rejected him he fell in love with Juliet Capulet, a 13
year old girl, who was forbidden to him because of the long standing feud
between their families.
Romeo and Juliet share a scene on the balcony when they are vowing their
love to each other. Romeo talks in poems to her and about her, they are
star crossed lovers who are destined to be together.
There were many obstacles for these kids, Romeo showed great courage
going to her home
knowing he could be killed if he got caught, his love for her he could not

          Juliet was supposed to marry another man, she knew in her heart
that Romeo was the only man for her,
so when her nurse wanted to help her stop the marriage to Paris, she gave
Juliet poison to drink, nothing that
kill her just something to make her sleep for 2 days, when Paris came and
witnessed her a sleep, he
thought she was dead, and the life he was expecting would never come to
pass.   In the meantime, Juliet
nurse sent a message to Romeo to explain of the trick they are playing on
Paris, unfortunately their paths
never crossed and when Romeo went to see Juliet, he thought she was
dead. The sheer terror of seeing the love of his life lying there, he instantly
drank some poison so he would   be dead right alongside her, they
would at least   have eternity together.....

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