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Role of Human Resources Essay

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After looking at this week’s readings, I was initially apprehensive to answer a question regarding the role of HR in regards to ethics within an organization. From an uninformed viewpoint, some may think that HR is a section of the company strictly involved with punishment. In fact, when I hear people talk my own employer’s HR department, it is usually with a measure of unease about what to expect. Since HR on the surface deals with aspects of both hiring and termination, it has a reputation for negativity for many employees I have seen. While seeking to break into this field myself, I have to say that I have never felt that level of fear, but certainly have felt the atmosphere in the room change when HR people come around. I think many people believe they are behaving in an ethical manner, or at least a manner befitting the company’s culture, but HR has to be involved in defining that culture to begin with. I believe HR, from the very beginning of the hiring process, has a real power to hire ethical people, establish training programs in ethical behavior, and correct actions that are not within ethical ranges of behavior for their employees. HR professionals need to be seen as more than just the machinery that hires and fires people or publishes benefit information, they need to be seen in “the roles of coach, architect, facilitator, conscience, and contributing leader” within the organization in order to make inroads towards guidance in the subject of ethics (Caldwell, Truong, Linh, & Tuan, 2011, p.172). This week’s article mentions defining HR characteristics in being an integral part of the organization, rather than just a small piece. In this manner, HR can be leaders in many aspects, including and especially ethical behavior. I believe HR individuals need to be ethical individuals themselves, well versed and educated in ethical behavior management as well as the methods in creating ethical workplaces in order to fulfill their designated dual roles of...

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