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Robert Browning Essay

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  • on April 15, 2015
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Robert Browning

  * Robert Browning
  * Born in 1812
  * Born in Camberwell, South London
  * Married Elizabeth Barrett, another well-known and popular poet
  * Died in 1889 (aged 77)
  * Member of an upper class family
      * Indicated through his father’s job as a bank clerk at the Bank of England and his grandfather’s wealth and power, which was highlighted through his occupation as a slave master. His other grandfather (on his mother’s side) was a ship owner based in Dundee.

  * His father owned a book collection in excess of 6000 books.
  * Browning’s parents showed a great interest in the education of their children.
  * Browning’s mother’s love for the music inspired him, before he decided he would prefer to dedicate himself to poetry. This did have a positive effect on his poetry, however.
  * Percy Bysshe Shelley, a poet who wrote about romance, predominantly.

NB- His parents were members of the evangelical community, which is a Christian denomination that believes in Jesus’ gospels, and that his crucifixion was good news to society.
Robert Browning held an unusual perspective towards religion, particularly during this era. As a child, he followed his parent’s religious views.
When Browning was a teenager, he questioned his faith, choosing instead to hold an agnostic view. This change in mentality is possibly due to the development of science, and the way it was beginning to be taught and publicised. Also, rules had been put in place which stopped him from attending either Cambridge or Oxford University due to religious reasons; this is likely to have had a negative effect on his beliefs, leaving him wondering why his individual and personal thoughts concerning religion should effect his education, leaving him in isolation regarding his future. He questioned the hypocrisy of religion, as it became a continuous battle amongst the different denominations, as opposed to...

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