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Reveiw on the Unredeemed Captive Essay

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  • on April 14, 2015
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Hannah Shumaker
HST 142: D040
Book Review 1

The Unredeemed Captive
John Demos
Alfred A. Knopf, Inc; 1995; New York

The Unredeemed Captive written by John Demos revolves around the abduction of John Williams and his family.   The story continues on with multiple perspectives of Williams’s family members.   This novel is based on a true story and gives a unique way of of telling the story through a historian's point of view.
The novel begins with a letter from the author explaining why he wrote this novel.   After the preface, the prologue explains what is going on with a brief summary of perhaps important events that caused this event to occur in history.   Demos explains four different places and times he believed that contributed to this particular event in the French and Indian War.
The novel takes place in Deerfield, Massachusetts during the February of 1704.   The raid had caused the small town to be awoken and fleeing within minutes.   Others had tried to hide and were unfortunately burned in their cellars.   Once the raid was over, Demos describes the long journey to Canada.   Williams lost his wife on the journey and his two youngest children during the raid.   Williams however tried to keep other captives hopeful during the march with sermons and prayers.   During the march most of Williams's children were scattered between different tribes who had participated in the raid.   Eventually, after several long months of captivity, Williams was released or “redeemed” and returned home known as a hero.
It was about three years after Williams was released that he had traveled back to New England to make a negotiation that would allow him his children back.   Unfortunately, for him he was unable to get his youngest daughter back.   Her name was   Eunice and she was captured at the age of six.   She remained with her captures, the Kahnawake Indians, who would not sell her back to the French.   Ten years had passed until William had visited his daughter and...

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