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Research Relationships Between Parents and Children over the Last 30 Years Essay

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  • on April 14, 2015
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Below is an essay on "Research Relationships Between Parents and Children over the Last 30 Years" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

There have been many societal and technological changes over the past century, which, of course, have had an impact on parent-child relationships. With better access to health care and education, people are living longer and have a better standard of living than they did in the past. Thus, children in developed nations are likely to have their parents around for a lot longer, while it is almost expected that parents will look after their children until they are fully-grown adults. It is rare for a child to be put to work at 13 and nowadays, with housing costs so high, some ‘children’ live with their parents until well into their twenties.
As a consequence, the relationship between parents and children seems to have mellowed somewhat. Parents are no longer regarded as dictators and feared by their children, as parenting strategies have changed throughout the decades. Instead of using physical punishment in response to misbehaving children, many parents decide to employ positive reinforcement and devise other ways to punish their children. In the past, corporal punishment was not as frowned upon, whereas parents today are more apprehensive about using violence against their children. This has definitely benefited parent-child relationships, as children do not fear their parents and more likely to confide in them and ask them for advice if they need it.
However, not all the changes that have taken place have benefited parent-child relationships. Technology has benefited society in many ways, but when it comes to child-parent relationships; it seems to have made things more difficult. This is because instead of sitting around the table to talk about their day, children and parents usually decide to watch television. The children will then go to their bedroom to listen to some music or play computer games, while their parents watch television or do some work. Thus, children and parents do not really spend much time together and any time they do spend in each other’s...

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