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Research Paper Review

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Bachelor of Science (Singapore)

Management Research Project (BMGT2003S)

Research Title:
A Research into the Employees’ Quality of Work Life for Foxconn (Taiwan)

Selected Research Paper:
Chi, S, Han, S, & Kim, D 2013, 'Relationship between Unsafe Working Conditions and Workers' Behaviour and Impact of Working Conditions on Injury Severity in U.S. Construction Industry', Journal Of Construction Engineering & Management, 139, 7, pp. 826-838

Student ID: 13207774
Programme/Intake: BSc(Finance)20C

Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction 2
1.1 Relating to Reviewer 2
1.2 Significance of Review 2
2.0 Literature Review and Conceptual Framework 3
2.1 Reference Sources 3
2.2 Literature Review Summary 4
3.0 Research Question and Hypothesis 4
4.0 Methodology and Research Design 5
4.1 Data Description 6
4.2 Data Analysis 7
5.0 Main Findings and Implications 8
6.0 Conclusion 9
References 10

  1.0 Introduction
The purpose of this report is to review a research of working conditions with an emphasis on safety, thereby providing proposals on how the selected research can be improved. This literature primarily aims to understand the relationships between working condition related and human behaviour related risk factors, identify the important behaviour and condition factors their impacts on accident types and injury severity, and examine the fundamental accident-injury relationship on how each accident type contribute to the injury severity. In the study, there is a total of 17 significant correlations identified between condition and behaviour factors and key factors distinguished which significantly determine the accident types and injury severity.

1.1 Relating to Reviewer
Previously, the reviewer conducted a research into the quality of working life for Foxconn, in the form of literature review. In order to support the arguments,...

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