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Research Paper

  • Submitted by: cupcake13
  • on March 24, 2012
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Iqbal 1
Zunaira Iqbal
Professor Edward Guetti
Reasoning 101
19 December 2011
The psychopathic God
    “Our strength lies in our quickness and in our brutality…” (Hitler). Adolph Hitler, Germany’s president from 1933 up until his death in 1945, changed this world in every possible way in such a way that nobody has and nobody will ever do. Hitler: The psychopathic God redefined or perhaps gave birth to this name “genocide”. The Germans with white skin and blond hair he believed were naturally superior to all races in the world so they shall rule the world. Adolph Hitler was a sadistic individual ho believed to rule the world nothing shall come your way and if something does aside it. Aside it in such a way that it shall never have the audacity to stand in your way again. This sole thought made him cause ruthless killings of the Jews and perhaps that is why the credit of the evolution of this word “genocide” goes to Adolph Hitler. This research paper will analyze one of the worst genocides of the 20th century. In Germany, starting from the time period of 1939 to 1945, up to 12000000 camps and civilians were destructed by Adolf Hitler, causing perhaps the worst genocide of the twentieth century and rolling down the ball towards the inauguration of the biggest and worst massacre since the time of the dawn- World War II.
    Jews became the primary victims of Nazi persecution in the Third Reich. Approximately 500,000 Jews lived in Germany at the time of the Nazi takeover, comprising only three quarters of 1 percent of the German population of 67 million. (Stackelberg 145). After securing full legislative power in 1933 Nazis acted on their pledge to remove Jews from their public life. They were discriminated to such an extent:
Iqbal 2
Jewish children were removed from schools, were levied heavy taxes, banned from professions, excluded from military service and were not allowed to share a park bench. The so called “revenge” that the Nazis took from Jews was so...

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