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Research Methods Essay

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Volgy, Thomas, and John Schwartz. 1984. “Misrepresenting and Vicarious Political Participation at the Local Level.” Public Opinion Quarterly   48: 757-765

Kellstedt pg.44 #4

The main dependent variable in this article is the levels of participation. The levels of participation are measured in groups. There are three groups and the authors have coded these as documented activists, undocumented activists, and nonparticipants.

The are multiple independent variables in this article. In the article, it explains that   the amount of exposure an individual has to specific types of media could affect their perception of their participation in politics. This information reveals that the main independent variable in this study is exposure to media. Another independent variable is political participation. This variable is divided into three types of political participation: signing petitions, participating in public hearings before the city council, and contacting elected officials. Socioeconomic dimension and attitudes about government, politics, and participation are the last two independent variables. These two sets of characteristics are measured because they are often closely connected with participation in politics.

The casual theory that connects the independent and dependent variables is the idea that one effect of television is to change routine forms of political participation by distorting the viewers perception of their actual participation in political life. The results from their study were mediocre. The authors were able to prove their theory to be accurate, but the data is not significant enough to make a solid argument.

Another independent variable that could be casually related to the dependent variable is political knowledge given solely by parents. This means that the only information a person has ever received about politics is from his or her parents, and that the person believes all the information their parents give them is true and...

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