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Research Article Critique

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Research Article Critique: Part 1
The basis of this paper is about the results of different types of music therapy on vital signs and facial expressions in patients with irreversible cerebral damage.   I chose this topic because I had a family member in the SICU at Scripps Memorial, post brain surgery for a tumor, and I asked the nurses why the music on the C.A.R.E. channel had nature sounds and soft music versus playing music the patient would normally listen to.   Their response was various alterations of, “it’s calming.”   I wanted to know more about music therapy with patients with cerebral damage and/or tumors.   The study was divided into two groups: 13 patients in the control group, receiving no music therapy and 13 patients who will receive radio music, classical relaxing music or relaxing music with nature sounds.   The effects of music listening can be an effective non-pharmacological nursing intervention and this study is aimed at finding music therapy that can promote varying degrees of physiological relaxation.   Facial expressions were also observed during the therapy.   This study questions whether musical stimuli can produce statistically significant changes in vital signs in persons with severe cerebral damage.  
Difference Between Quantitative and Qualitative Research
Quantitative and qualitative research designs are useful in nursing because they rely on different measures to arrive at conclusions.   There are many differences between the two but they balance each other out.   While quantitative research relies on concrete, objective data, qualitative research is conceptual, subjective data.   Quantitative research tests a theory and reports statistical, measurable data.   It looks to find relationships, causation, or strength of association between variables and usually compares groups to one another.   Qualitative research develops a theory that is broad and relies on narrative, individual analysis.   It is descriptive and uses observation as means of...

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