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Research Art Essay Del Kathryn Barton and Sofonisba Anguissola

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  • on April 15, 2015
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Artists throughout the world create self-portraits in order to portray an image the way in which they see themselves. Self portraits can come in any form or style the artists likes, they can be contradictory to the real appearances of the artists, whilst others could be almost identical to their appearance. Del Kathryn Barton is a contemporary artist that often depicts sexualised images; these images may contain multiple subjects and creatures but almost always have a link to sexuality, Barton connects her artwork to her own sexuality, portraying her sensual nature as a woman. Sofonisba Anguissola is an Italian renaissance painter who creates realistic portraits of herself and members of the royal family of Spain. Anguissola was influenced by Michelangelo's style of artwork and his ability to capture the human body. She also changed her style after receiving a job under the royal family, adapting her style so that it was closer to the liking of the court. The work "I am true about this" illustrates Barton with animalistic figures also showing the sexuality she so often displays in her works. Anguissola's work "Self portrait at the easel, painting a devotional panel" depicts her at an easel painting what appears to be a work in progress on a picture of woman and a small boy.

Del Kathryn Barton was born 1972 in Sydney and attended the fine arts university in New South Wales, from which she graduated with a bachelor of fine arts. Barton had her first exhibition at the Arthaus Gallery in Sydney, since that first exhibition in 1995 she has had several major solo exhibitions and has also participated in multiple group exhibitions in Australia, New York, and Sao Paolo, Brazil. After finishing university Barton developed her style through years of tedious experimentation, discovering how gouache dries, making a velvet like surface and the way water colour reflects light whilst dry. She learnt to layer the different types if paints without cracking...

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