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Research Essay

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  • on April 2, 2014
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13035878 COLORECTAL CANCER 1 Around 5 and 6% of the population will suffer with colorectal cancer along their lives . Colon cancer is a tumour in which measures includes primary and secondary prevention . This is the third common cancer in men (663,000 cases in 2008; 10% of all cancer cases ) and second in women (570,000 cases ; 9.4% of all cancer cases ) worldwide. Approximately 608,000 deaths from colorectal cancer occurring every year . (Annie Young, Richard Hobbs, and David Ken 2011). Age and sex have an equal distribution with colorectal cancer . 90% of the colorectal cancer develop from existing adenoma, and 6% affects the living age of 80 in the USA. (Graham P. Butcher 2003); Yearly average more than one million people are diagnosing with colorectal cancer all over the world and nearly 150,000 of those people with colorectal cancer in US and 194,000 in Europe.(Cancer-basic-science-and-clinical-aspects-Craig-A-Almeida-andSheila-A-Barry-2010). In view of Brown (2007), the survival rate for bowel cancer has increased in the last 40 years due to better treatment and screening methods . This essay includes clinical manifestations , causes , risk factors investigations and treatment options for colorectal cancer . This will cover the importance of biological , psychological and social aspect of care for patients with colorectal cancer . Signs & symptoms-Graham P.Butcher 2003 –are features of anaemia, change in bowel habits , visible rectal bleeding, blood mixed with stool , weight loss , and abdominal pain . Tenesmus can occur in patients with rectal lesions . Large bowel obstruction also one of the common symptom . ABC of colorectal cancer-Wiley-Blackwell (2011) tells that the signs and symptoms include , increased flatulence , feeling bloated, abdominal discomfort within an hour or so eating, blood staining in the toilet paper , passing blood mixed with stool ,...

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