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Report Fire

  • Submitted by: navynewyork
  • on March 24, 2012
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HTFN CARROLL, BRIDGET ENG/R-1 October 11, 2010

I was coming back from a night out with friends on my way to a water fountain and then later my berthing when AO3 and I smelled burning we looked around down the p-way it was fog like there was a ladder well going   down where   the white smoke was more dense. AO3 went down the ladder there were doors leading into spaces I was at the top of the ladder well AO3 was yelling the tack number to me ‘02-64-2’ we then ran Aft to any shop that was open picked up the J-Dial and reported to central less than 30 seconds later we heard the bells and we made our way to the main deck. Time was 0024

I was scared and excited at the same time being a part of the flying squad when you hear the bells your mind is just in a training mode. Those feelings just turn into adrenaline AO3 run’s to put on his uniform and then makes his way to the locker. I was on the main deck talking with security because they where really the only people awake at that time, I told them It was real and that I saw it then we were just talking. There was no way that I was going to get to sleep from seeing that and I could not go to my berthing because it’s around that area Female Engineering Berthing ’02-21-0-l’ so I went to the ship fitter shop ate something sat down. I made my way to the repair locker just to observe who’s on IPET, who’s in the locker and what DC boys do I see there. The locker seemed pretty clam and I saw DC1 Espinoza and DC2 Trunbull faces and they did not seem over worked or as if it was out of control. So I felt safe and more comfortable. There where boys in the hanger bay from a berthing that was evacuated there was no sight of any ENG girls there so I went to the pipe shop still listening to the One MC 0230 so sleepy maybe that was the time not sure I heard ’02-64-2’ was safe for personnel with out breathing devices to be in that space then that’s where I called it a night.

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