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Remediation Strategies Essay

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Remediation Strategies
There is tons of different remediation techniques used in today’s world.   Some that will terribly hurt the environment and others that will destroy the problem without causing any harm to the environment.   In this essay, I will be comparing three different types of techniques that can be used I today’s world. These will be Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE), Land Farming, and Dual-Phase Extraction. All options are EPA approved, and has been proven effective in reducing or eliminating all infected areas.
Soil Vapor Extraction is kind of like a big vacuum for the wells.   In this technology, a vacuum is applied throughout the wells.   What it does is it sucks out all of the soil vapors throughout the soil.   This is what’s causing the soil to be contaminated.   They simply remove the vapors and it is treated as necessary (commonly with carbon adsorption).   Once the vapors are finished being treated, it is released into the atmosphere, there by leaving the soil uncontaminated and safe.
The next method, Land farming is also another great method of remediating a contaminated area.   With this method, what happens is they dig up all the infected soil if it is 5 feet below ground, if not it will work with no digging up necessary.   Then the soil is injected with an addition of minerals, nutrients, and moisture.   Due to the enhancement of the soil, it leads to the breakdown of the contaminant and creates clean and safe soil.   I think the only downside about this operation is having to dig up the soil if it is too deep.   This could lead to the contaminant getting out and infecting other areas, and more costly.
The last remediation technique I will be talking about is dual-phase extraction.   This method is very similar to Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE), but has some differences.   Like SVE a vacuum/pump is used.   But instead just taking up the vapors, it takes up all the soil.   After this is done, extracted liquid and vapors are treated.   Unlike SVE, the...

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