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Religion Essay

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  • on March 23, 2012
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HSC 2010
“From generation to generation, Judaism teaches us how to deepen our lives, to improve the world and to join with others who have the same lofty aims”
- With reference to the quotation, explain how Judaism as a living religious tradition gives depth and meaning to the life of the individual and the Jewish community
The Jewish religion gives adherents links with tradition, history and values, it builds identity, and gives depth and meaning to the lives of individuals and the Jewish community. The principal sources of Jewish laws and ethics are drawn from the Torah, which is of fundamental importance to the lives of adherents as it is considered the word of G-d. The importance of Jewish law in everyday life is reflected in all aspects of Jewish practices such as marriage and sexual ethics as adherents conduct themselves ethically, according to the laws in the sacred texts. (Q)
Marriage allows Jewish adherents to achieve meaning in their lives and is considered vitally important in Judaism. It is considered the ideal state for mankind, in Genesis 1:28 it is stated that “it is not good for man to be alone.” A marriage therefore is strongly encouraged for all Jewish people. In fact one of the last Commandments in the Book of Genesis is the instruction to ‘go forth and multiply’.   Marriage is a private contractual agreement between a couple and serves numerous purposes: it maintains social order, offers happiness and companionship, and gives the couple an opportunity to raise children within a stable family environment. According to Rabbi Artson “there is a fundamental human need for compassion, the need to give and to receive love.”   The Talmud states, “When man is without a wife, he lives without joy, without blessing and without good,” meaning that marriage is a spiritual bond between two people who are satisfying G-d commandment to fill the world. Marriage is considered an essential aspect of Jewish life, giving depth and meaning to the life of the...

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