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Refuting Human Evolution Essay

  • Submitted by: dcutak
  • on March 24, 2012
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Refuting Human Evolution
By David
Anth 250 Mat-Su UAA

The first problem I have with the “theory” of human evolution is that it is being called a theory. A theory in the scientific world means that there is substantiated data backing it up. Also, calling evolution a theory would be putting it into the same category as the theory of relativity, theory of gravity (Ham 2006). There has never been any evidence of someone seeing life come from something that was non-existent. I would call the human evolution unproven.
Being a Christian, it would be impossible for me to solely focus my answers on humans and not my faith. Asking me to leave the Bible out of it, would be stacking the deck against me. As a Christian science is judged or evaluated in light of my faith in God, and not the other way around, “we walk by faith, and not by sight.” I believe that humans were created in the image of God. Aside from saying “oh the evidence is found in the book of Genesis,” to me the evidence is found in the argument from the evolutionist. To say that life came from non-life, or a single-cell organism, or randomly just sounds wild to me. At the same time, saying that God created mankind probably sounds just as absurd to the person who believes in evolution. It comes down to the beliefs and ideas that pre-suppose what we believe. Although I find evolution fascinating to listen to and learn about, I just don’t believe it. To say that we evolved from a long list of species, over millions of years, seems like an insult to my intelligence.
When I look around at the mountains, stars, glaciers, sun, anything that is observable, they are in a constant state of deterioration, which goes against what I think is a principle of evolution that everything is getting better, or evolving into something better. To me the very idea of design must imply that there is a designer. When I think about gravity, the seasons on our planet, ocean currents, the constellations, life cycles, right down...

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