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Reflective Rubric Essay

  • Submitted by: mslynnrn05
  • on April 18, 2015
  • Category: Miscellaneous
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Reflection Paper Grading Rubric

Student Name:

|Criteria             |21 points                           |18 points                         |15 - 12   points                   |3 points                               |0 points       |Points Earned |
|Personal Perception   |Provides several perceptions of how|Provides some perceptions of how   |Provides one perception of how     |Perceptions are discussed, but there is|Not complete   |               |
|                     |their worldview influences their   |their worldview influences their   |their worldview influences their   |very little connection of how their     |               |               |
|                     |viewpoint on the current healthcare|viewpoint on the current           |viewpoint on the current           |worldview influences their viewpoint on|               |               |
|                     |debate.                             |healthcare debate.                 |healthcare debate.                 |the current healthcare debate.         |               |               |
|Reflection           |Shows great clarity on their       |Shows clarity on their current     |Shows lack of clarity on their     |Shows no clarity on their current       |Not complete   |               |
|                     |current worldview and how that     |worldview and how that affects     |current worldview and how that     |worldview and how that affects their   |               |               |
|                     |affects their value of healthcare   |their value of healthcare for the |affects their value of healthcare |value of healthcare for the needy.     |               |               |
|                     |for the needy.                     |needy.                             |for the needy.                     |                                       |               |               |
|Biblical support/     |Defends with clarity their         |Defends their worldview with       |Defends their worldview with few   |Does not...

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