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Reflections On Nutrition Essay

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  • on March 23, 2012
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Reflections on Nutrition
Corliss Bonney
October 14 2010
Melissa Lage

Reflections on Nutrition

I really have to say that this was the most enjoyable and informative class I have ever taken. While I have always known the way to good health is to eat for fuel for the body and not just out of boredom or merely because it is there; this class has reinforced my determination to not only lose weight the healthy way but to strive to bump up the physical activity my whole family takes part in. I have registered with the USDA website and the Food Pyramid sight as well as one more that I have found through research, which is called STARTMAKINGHEALTHYCHOICES.com.
I did not complete the whole assignment on the Food Pyramid from week one but I have made use of this site as this is the one that really has stuck with me mentally. I have come to realize that the diet fads out there are basically not healthy and while they may work initially, the results rarely last and the weight comes back. I have started walking more for recreation as well as fitness and I am actually using my bike and gym equipment for what it was intended and not to just gather dust and spider webs.
I find myself analyzing the labels and nutrition information of the foods that my family indulges in as well, whether we are at home or in a restaurant. I am trying to stay away from the less healthy alternatives in fast food as well, opting more for the ones that offer salads and fruits.
I look forward to a long and healthy life not only for myself but for my entire family. I do not want my children to suffer the same issues with their weight as I have my entire life. At 50 years old, I can honestly say that I have learned to eat as I should and I appreciate the possibilities of good health through healthy consumption and activity.

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